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SurgiQuality—Connecting Best in Class Surgeons with Surgical Patients

The traditional surgical referral process doesn’t serve patients the way it should—SurgiQuality changes all that.






Patients have the opportunity to fully understand their condition and all of the available options before electing to move forward with surgery. Then, they can compare surgeons and their care outcomes to choose a doctor that inspires confidence.

By leveraging proprietary AI-powered technology, we can help patients find answers to their pressing questions and connect them to best-in-class surgeons, all within an easy-to-use app. Because everyone should have the power to make choices about their care that are right for them.

How It Works

AI-powered technology


PCP contacts Concierge. Patients register on SurgiQuality app.

We’ll collect a few basic patient details and give you access to all our in-app resources, on the go.


PCP staff/Concierge upload medical records & imaging

Your Concierge will help you upload all of the necessary doctor’s notes, test results, and medical imaging, which are then saved in the app for your convenience.


Records are sent to surgeons via SurgiConnect

We leverage our expansive network of best-in-class surgeons to review your results—free of charge, and with expediency!


Surgeons validate necessity or offer alternative options & report past experience.

You’ll be equipped with all the information you need to make a decision about future surgery, rather than being rushed into it without a clear path forward. You may even be able to avoid unnecessary operations by seeking additional insight.


Patients choose surgeons according to care outcomes

You can compare over 30,000 experienced surgeons—including the number of completed operations and success and complication rates—to make an informed decision, instead of trusting the recommendations of your PCP, who may not know the right doctor for the job.


Patients contact surgeons to discover their options

You can reach out to any surgeon who rendered an opinion to seek more information or request a consultation. With insight into past outcomes, location, cost, and more, you can choose a surgeon who meets your unique values.


Referred surgeon can report outcomes as well!

Any board-certified surgeon can join SurgiQuality’s network and render their opinion about your condition, including any doctor referrals from your PCP.


For employees with a contracted health plan, SurgiQuality helps you navigate the healthcare maze and maximize your benefits plan when informed that you require surgery. The Concierge uploads your medical records and board-certified surgeons in the same specialty confirm whether surgery is actually necessary; if it’s not, they’ll recommend alternative treatment options.

For patients that do require surgery, SurgiQuality makes it easy for patients to shop for the top surgeon according to outcomes, costs, travel, and more.

Primary Care

For primary care providers, SurgiQuality can optimize your surgical referrals process. You can refer to surgeons within the patient’s network and find specialists capable of treating their condition effectively.

Peer review processes and multi-disciplinary counsults mitigate unnecessary surgery risks while proposing alternative treatment options—all of which reduce your risk of poor care outcomes and negligent referral and medical malpractice suits.


For surgeons, SurgiConnect can help you maximize your patient referrals and fill your schedule.

By downloading the app and entering your past surgical experiences, you can instantly increase your clinical practice’s visibility. Upon joining this elite network of surgeons, you’ll immediately begin to receive notifications for new surgical cases and opportunities to render your professional opinion—which regularly leads to new patients.

A Platform for the Pursuit of Surgical Excellence

A Massive Network

SurgiQuality has an extensive 50-state network that includes more than 30,000 surgeons and hundreds of surgery centers and hospitals.

AI-Powered Technology

Cutting-edge technology empowers patients to verify the need for surgery and then shop around for top surgeons. AI-powered tech allows patients to find the best possible surgeon by validating and scoring surgical outcomes.

24/7 Concierge

Patients, surgeons, and HCPs gain access to a personalized concierge service that provides support and guidance throughout the entire referral process. Your Concierge can even help you arrange travel and accommodations for your upcoming surgery.

Connecting Patients with Surgeons for Better Care Outcomes

SurgiQuality was designed to fix innate problems in the surgery referral process. Through the app, patients can ask relevant questions, confirm that surgery is required, and then locate the best specialist for their individual case.