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SurgiQuality connects surgical patients with best-in-class surgeons. It ensures that patients fully understand their medical condition and available treatment options without being forced into making a hasty decision. 

For employers and benefits consultants, SurgiQuality is an additional resource you can offer to employees to help them find affordable, highly qualified surgeons within your coverage network. 

Empower your employees by providing them with the tools to make well-informed decisions about the most important thing in life—their health. 

Empower Your Employees

Problems With the Healthcare Status Quo

As is, the healthcare system is flawed. Far too often, doctors recommend patients undergo surgery and then refer them to a surgeon without concern for cost or quality, sometimes without even demonstrating that there’s a definite need for surgery.

When that happens—when employees don’t receive the proper care and attention they deserve—they suffer.

  • 15-30% of patients undergo unnecessary surgery
  • Many patients suffer from unforeseen complications of unnecessary surgery
  • Patients are frequently referred to surgeons with poor outcomes and suffer setbacks, such as infections, wrong-sized implant insertions, and other complications—all of which could necessitate revision surgeries.

Unreliable Recommendations and Unwarranted Surgeries Harm Everyone

Unwarranted surgeries, let alone the potential complications from said treatments, can harm both employees and employers.

  • For employees–It leaves employees unhappy with their medical treatment, untrusting of their current doctor, and upset with their employer who partnered with the insurance policies provider.
  • For employers – It raises reinsurance costs, hurts employee satisfaction and retention, and negatively impacts cash flow.

SurgiQuality—Actively Fixing the Problem

SurgiQuality fixes this common issue by opening up treatment recommendations for review. Your employees get access to a network consisting of thousands of best-in-class surgeons, all of whom have reported care outcomes for specific procedures.

With SurgiQuality, a personalized concierge helps upload patient records to the HIPAA-compliant cloud, for distribution to surgeons in the patient’s network. From there, surgeons take the following actions:

  • They’ll render an opinion on the case and validate whether surgery is justifiable. If not, they’ll recommend alternative treatment options.
  • They’ll report on past experience—the number of cases performed, success rates, and complication rates.
  • They’ll work with their facility to state a bundled price for the treatment.

After reviewing all their options, employees can stay in control by picking the right fit for their procedure.

Restoring Employee Credibility in Healthcare

Multi-Disciplinary Peer Review

In many cases, surgery should be a last resort. SurgiQuality helps employees avoid unnecessary surgery. If minimally invasive options are available, the peer review process will uncover those alternative treatments.

Empowering Employees

SurgiQuality provides employees with the tools they need to make well-informed medical decisions. If surgery is medically necessary, our extensive 50-state network of more than 30,000 surgeons makes it easy to find an affordable, qualified, in-network surgeon.

Lowered Healthcare and Re-Insurance Costs

Employers can make sure that their employees receive the treatment they require at an affordable cost. On average, employers can expect to save $1,000 per employee per year.

AI-Powered Technology

Cutting-edge technology empowers employees to compare surgeons by surgical outcome scores and shop for lower-cost treatment options.

Attracting Talent

SurgiQuality can help you attract and retain talent while reducing absenteeism. From the personalized medical concierge services to the extensive surgical provider database, these tools help provide employees with the support they demand from their insurance employee benefits.

Connecting Employees with Surgeons for Improved Care Outcomes

SurgiQuality is a tool that employers can use to differentiate their healthcare packages. Equipped with this powerful application, you can provide your talent with the support they need to find the best course of treatment.

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