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Navigate the Healthcare Maze with Confidence

The traditional surgical referral process doesn’t serve patients the way it should—SurgiQuality changes all that.

  • Pause when told you need surgery or a procedure.
  • Understand your condition and available options before electing to move forward with surgery.
  • Compare surgeons based on their past experience with your condition.
  • Retain the power to choose your surgeon.

SurgiQuality has a vast network of thousands of qualified surgeons nationwide.

Woman on Phone to Find a Surgeon, Read Surgeon Reviews & Find the Best Low Cost Surgeon Choices
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Personalized Concierge

A personalized concierge will help you gather and upload medical records and imaging, including test results and doctor notes.

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Medical Records Sent with Your Permission

Through a highly secure HIPAA-compliant system, your medical records are sent to qualified surgeons with special expertise in your condition, all within your network.

Ask your surgeon to join the network.


Multiple Surgeons Review Your Case

Surgeons review the records and report on their past experience with your procedure.


Choose Your Surgeon

Your final task is to select the surgeon based on their experience with your condition. Consult your primary care provider so he/she are all onboard!


Only employees at self-insured employers who contract with SurgiQuality are eligible to use this service.

  • Ask your employer if they offer SurgiQuality. Send us a message through the contact form.
  • If your employer does offer the service,
        • Contact our Concierge team to assist you with using our services.
        • Download SurgiQuality to get started.
SurgiQuality App to Find a Low Cost Surgeon and Check out Surgeon Reviews
SurgiQuality App Screen for Sharing Medical Records
SurgiQuality App Comparing Surgeons
SurgiQuality App Map to Find a Low Cost Surgeon
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