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Dr. Sanjay Prasad MD FACS came to the United States in 1962 when he was just a year old. His family came searching for a solution to the healthcare problem. Dr. Prasad has been a surgeon for over 30 years in the practice and has helped tens of thousands of patients. Now, he’s helping patients connect to the best-in-class surgeons and avoid unnecessary surgery.

The SurgiQuality Vision

“I think it’s an absolute must, and our patients really need to wake up”, Dr. Prasad states, “when patients are told they need surgery, it’s a time for them to pause to reconsider doctors and ask some difficult questions, like: ‘Doctor, do I really need the surgery? Are there alternatives to surgery? Doctor, how many surgeries have you done? What’s your success rate? What’s your complication rate?’” Prasad continues, “Patients really need to have a system that gives them intelligent information so they can compare surgeons within their network and make appropriate choices and well-informed decisions. That’s what it’s all about”.

Doctor Discussing Affordable Surgery Through Low Deductible Surgery With Patient

Our Solution

SurgiQuality’s personalized concierges hold the patient’s hand throughout the entire process. The patient gathers their medical records and sends them to the concierge who then uploads them to the HIPAA-compliant cloud.  Then, we have a medical record distribution platform that sends the records to surgeons within their network. The surgeons review the records, validate necessity, offer treatment options (other than surgery), and enter their experience and outcomes with that procedure. We then take that data and corroborate it against their medical records and get pricing data. SurgiQuality validates it and presents the patient with a list of surgeons who have looked at her case. The patient can view alternatives to surgery and pick and choose the best surgeon with the best outcomes for their condition.


Patients today are trapped in high-deductible health plans. SurgiQuality creates marketplace competition, such that we’re able to lower healthcare deductibles to a much more manageable level, depending upon their health plan. So now, patients get a chance to review multiple surgical opinions from the comfort of their homes and choose their surgeon based on quality measures that matter to them. We put them back in the driver’s seat, driving their own healthcare.

Helps Solve Racial Inequities

Black patients today suffer poorer surgical outcomes than white patients across several different kinds of surgeries. These disparities persist even in studies where we control for extended disease, comorbidities, and socioeconomic status. This is pretty jaw-dropping. The main reason for those disparities is that black patients don’t seem to get connected to high quality, high outcome, surgeons, and in turn, suffer poorer outcomes. The SurgiQuality platform solves that issue because we’re connecting patients to best-in-class surgeons in the network, and we also de-identify the case records with race ethnicity, trying to eliminate unconscious bias in the system.

Cost Savings

The savings are quite substantial with reduction of unnecessary surgeries and getting the surgery done the first time the right way, and getting back to work as quickly as possible. A 1000-employee group can potentially save anywhere from $1.25 million to $1.75 million on their annual health spend.


I avoided spending thousands of dollars on a needless surgery. I couldn’t help but wonder about the hundreds of potentially misdiagnosed patients who underwent this procedure unnecessarily. Patients like me need resources to find the best doctor and guidance to be able to ask the right questions.”

SurgiQuality - Empowering Patients and Providers

SurgiQuality empowers patients by working hand-in-glove with the various care providers. At each step of the journey, our application facilitates a seamless flow of communication and supports providers so that patients can receive the best care possible.

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