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Surgeons: Direct Access to Employers

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Surgeons: Direct Access to Employers

We are a group of surgeons who wish to restore credibility in the healthcare system. Too many patients are getting surgery they do not need and too many are suffering from poor outcomes at the hands of inexperienced surgeons. Learn how our outcomes-based surgeon referral platform helps empower patients to make well-informed decisions.

How It Works

SurgiQuality contracts with large employers, with self-insured health plans, through multiple national brokers to manage their employees when they need surgery.

When employees are told of need for a surgical procedure, a concierge helps upload medical records and imaging to HIPAA-compliant cloud. Board-certified surgeons review the records and imaging on SurgiConnect, determine medical necessity and report on past experience (number of cases performed, success and complication rates).

The surgeon may enter his/her fee or if employed, leave all pricing up to the hospital.

Patients receive a surgeon referral list through SurgiQuality. The surgeons rendered opinions on their case, so it empowers the patient with tools to compare surgeons using outcomes-based info and make well-informed choices.

What Are the Advantages to Surgeons?

Our program offers several advantages for surgeons, including:

  • Free access to surgical patients
  • Prompt payment with no accounts receivables
  • Fill under-utilized OR time
  • Great way to get new associates busy right away

How are Surgeons Paid?

Once the procedure is performed, surgeons report outcomes data to SurgiPrice™, usually at the first post-op day. Once outcomes are reported, funds are released.

And employed surgeons can still participate. Just have your hospital contact sign up here: Surgery Center/Hospital Sign-up

What Does it Cost?

The service is free. We do not charge surgeons, surgery centers or hospitals to use this service. SurgiQuality gets paid from the employer to offer the service to their employees.

Contact Us

Join the bandwagon as we are implementing the platform with nationwide employers in all 50 states, through multiple national brokers. Contact us to get learn more!

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