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Connecting Surgical Patients to World-Class Surgeons 

When told you need surgery, SurgiQuality helps you navigate the healthcare maze, with access to a personalized concierge and tools to compare surgeons and make well-informed decisions. 

SurgiQuality uses AI-powered technology to find the best surgeons specific to your condition who are in-network. The platform integrates with your primary care provider as well. 

Use the the SurgiQuality app (iPad version coming soon) if you like, but it is not necessary. You can send us an email to [email protected] and our concierge will guide you from there. 


Upload Documents 

A personalized concierge will contact you to upload medical records and imaging, including test results, medical history, and doctor notes.

Await Doctor Insight 

Through a highly secured HIPAA-compliant system, this medical information will be sent to board-certified surgeons with special expertise in your condition, all within your network.  

Receive Validation (or Alternatives) 

Surgeons review the documents and validate the necessity of the surgery and can offer alternative conservative treatment options. The surgeons also report on their past experience with the procedure. 

Browse Surgeon Reviews

SurgiQuality has a network of more than 30,000 qualified surgeons in all 50 states.

Contact Potential Providers

Patients are free to contact any surgeon who renders an opinion on their case. This enables patients to find the surgeon with the right experience and receive reassuring answers to any pressing questions.

Invite Referred Surgeons to Join

Patients can ask the surgeon they originally consulted with, to join the network. 

Select Your Doctor

Your final task is to select the surgeon and procedure you feel most comfortable with. Consult your primary care provider as well so he/she are all onboard!  

Surgeon Opinions Can Be Quick, Convenient, and Informed 

Put yourself on the road to recovery—on your terms.