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Robert Levy

Robert Levy
Robert Levy

Rob Levy is a seasoned healthcare executive with extensive background in Sales and Finance to emerging and growth stage technology and service companies. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), Rob has provided mission critical sales strategy and execution at:

  • A leading Value-Based Care (VBC), at-risk healthcare provider network and workflow technology company focused on improving health equity and disparities using culturally competent care delivered by independent primary care physicians
  • The industry’s first Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) offering using machine learning in a Challenge Question (CQ) format to visualize insight into previously hidden, adaptive system behavior for healthcare payers. This includes 3X to 5X better payment integrity saving payers hundreds of millions
  • A next generation, value-based care enterprise claim and care management software system for payers now used by many of the nation’s leading plans to significantly improve automation and payment accuracy.
  • One of the nation’s largest and most complex Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) entities where Rob and his sales team led one of the company’s fastest growing lines of business to exceed $400 million in annual revenue by improving outcomes and lowering cost for 16 of the nation’s 20 largest, leading payers
  • Redesign of supply chain, revenue cycle, and finance/accounting at leading healthcare providers

As a former health system CFO and Sales Executive at technology and service companies, Rob believes a solid, executable sales strategy begins with effectively defining the business problem (Point A) followed by agreement on the desired end state (Point B).
The results include:

  • Growing an emerging machine learning company as its first sales executive from one client to over twelve large, leading health plans. The health plans included several of the nation’s largest Blues of which one became a Series A $5 million investor
  • Identifying, hiring and training sales teams equipped with the tools and structure to meet and exceed assigned quota. Many are now Chief Growth Officers or Chief Revenue Officers at other leading technology and service companies focused on healthcare
  • Closing over $1+ billion in total contract value
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